Because Womanism is a theology that is used to describe the intersectionality of race/feminism  through the perspective and experiences of a person of color.

Because of White Privilege, White people do not have the perspective or experience of a person of color. Also because of their whiteness, white people tend to speak for us,over us, or dismiss us. Womanism is meant as a safe space for PoC to share our experiences, and build our radical communities of color away from the racism within the mainstream feminist movement because it has failed us time and time again by erasing our experiences and tokenizing us.

Does this mean that white people can’t support womanism? No. White people can support womanism and be great ally’s to womanism/PoC. Identifying as a womanist is not one of them. Giving us space and realizing why your privilege prevents you from doing so IS. 

even as a non-black POC i used to feel like i was overstepping my boundaries IDing as a womanist. now i feel much less uncomfortable considering myself a womanist but regardless, if anyone is to call the shots about this word, it is the black womanist community.

I believe there a lot of non-black PoC womanist leaders though! I know a lot of aspects of womanism focuses on the experiences of black PoC but there are a lot of womanists leaders out there who id as so and aren’t black! I consider Frida Kahlo   and Lelia Khaled some badass womanists 

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